A Bridge's Lamentation

One would be tempted to think the purpose of a bridge quite obvious, would one not? To connect the unsurpassable; to link the estranged; to make a way where there seems none between points, events, circumstances. The whole reason for a bridge’s construction is to provide an alternative means; to give an opportunity where none exist or supply a better way if the former is too difficult; to provide a solution. And even if one has no need of any particular bridge, even if one need not journey from one’s current A to whichever B that particular bridge provides a means to, still the bridge ought to stand as a reminder for all life’s bridges, ought to symbolize the hope which every bridge is a symbol for. To make such assumptions, to come to these conclusions, seems obvious—even natural—do they not? Obvious. Natural.

Then why do they jump?

... Sanko Lewis
Creative Commons Licence

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