Good Riddance!

If I should lose you,
I say: 'good riddance!'
I've already lost my heart,
what more is there to lose?

Without my heart's eye
sunsets are without colour,
the night sky is without a diadem,
and flowers are cadaver claws
grabbing at the void;
without my heart's ear
music knows no melody,
birds are nihilistic sirens
screaming existentialistic slogans
at each other; without my heart's
tongue what is their to taste
but palateless protein and chewy
carbohydrates and frothing fat?
Without my heart's skin all touch
is the touch of an open wound.
For without my heart what
is their to smell but the raw flesh
and gaping hole in the centre
of my bleeding chest?

If I should lose you
'good riddance!' say I,
for I have lost all
when I lost my heart to you.

... Sanko Lewis
Creative Commons Licence

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